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Baby Your Baby Health Keepsake Book

Your pregnancy is a special time for you. It is a time to learn about your own health and that of your growing baby. In the Mother's Health Section, there are information pages focusing on health history, nutrition, pregnancy weight gain, prenatal health care visits, labor and delivery and other important health information.


Keep track of your baby's health, growth and development through the early childhood years in the Child's Health Section. Some of the helpful items included are: baby's firsts, nutrition, height and weight charts, safety checklist, a place to record immunizations and well-child care visit information.

Mother's Health Section

Prenatal Visits

Early and continuous prenatal care by a qualified health care provider is very important in having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Prenatal care should by your 13th week of pregnancy and should include at least 13 visits during your pregnancy. With this section of the Health Keepsake, your prenatal health care visits and information are mapped out for you.

Childbirth Education Classes

There are several types of childbirth classes that teach different approaches to labor and delivery. Choose a method that works best for you. Most expectant parents are encouraged to begin classes during the seventh month of pregnancy. In this section you can keep track of your class days, times and the topic of discussion.

Baby's Health Section


Baby Firsts

The first part of the Baby's Health Section has a variety of pages to record your baby's firsts. Whether it is a first smile or your baby's first words, these firsts pages will help you track the progress of your baby's development.

Helpful Growth Charts

Each child grows at a different rate. At times, they will grow quickly and in other periods, a child's rate of growth will slow down. The Keepsake offers a place for you to keep track of your child's growth.

Record Well Child Care Visits

Your child should get "well baby" or "well child" visits with their health care providers at specific times during infancy, childhood and the teen years. Such visits allow your health care provider to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems as they come up. This section will help you keep track of your well child care visits along with thoughts and questions you may have.

To order your Keepsake, call the Baby Your Baby Hotline at 1-800-826-9662 or place an order online. There is no cost to Utah Residents and only a minimal cost to Non-Utah Residents.