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Financial Help

Through the Baby Your Baby program, financial help is available on a temporary basis to Utah women who are pregnant and do not have the money to pay for prenatal care. Baby Your Baby can help finance a pregnancy through a form of Prenatal Medicaid.


Basic Qualifications

Find out what you need to qualify for Baby Your Baby financial help.

Eligibility Chart

This chart provides information on eligibility for financial assistance.

Where to Apply

This list provides addresses and contact information for places across Utah where you can apply for Baby Your Baby. You may also apply for the program online.

Choosing a Health Care Provider

This information may help you choose a health care provider that accepts Baby Your Baby and Medicaid insurance.

Helpful Links

There are many programs in Utah that can help you during your pregnancy and when you are a new mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how Baby Your Baby can help you.


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