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maternal mental health

Depression and anxiety are the most common complication of childbirth. At least 14% of Utah moms struggle with symptoms they may not recognize as a problems such as insomnia, irritability, anger, and lack of enjoyment in things they used to love, scary thoughts they are afraid of, or wishing they could disappear.

After you have a baby, your hormones are out of order. You may not feel depressed but maybe you are angry all the time, maybe you can't stop worrying, or maybe you have uncontrollable and upsetting thoughts. You may have baby blues, postpartum depression or just being a new mom. Often we think these emotions are blues, but if you are not feeling like yourself after two or three weeks after having a baby, it can be something else. If might be as simple as needing to focus on sleep, nutrition, more water or social support.

If you are not feeling like yourself, reach out for help.